Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have a Trashy Time!

Did you know that the average American throws away over 4 pounds of garbage everyday? Each year, that means that we could fill 82,000 football fields 6 feet deep in compacted trash (EPA)! Holy smokes!

The good news is that you and your kids can start to make a difference right now!

Picking up trash
(photo courtesy of megansquire on flickr)

Trash Challenge!

For this week's Change the World Wednesday, Reduce Footprints challenges us all to take a walk and pick up trash around our homes and communities and recycle what we can. This could even turn into a family competition to see who can collect the most trash!

Trashy Learning!

Don't miss the opportunity to make this a learning experience! To get amped up (and laughing), check out Steve Trash-Rockin' Eco Hero's YouTube Channel for some inspiration and information on saving our planet.

Trashy Crafts!

And trash doesn't just pile up outside. On a rainy day, how about doing a trash pick-up around your own house and see what can be recycled and reused? Of the trash that we produce, most of it is paper and packaging materials, followed by plastics, aluminum (tin foil), rubber, wood, and glass. Can you do something creative with what you find? You bet!

Check out The Imagination Factory's Trash Matcher, where you can match up a piece of "trash" with a way to creatively use it. They have all kinds of cool ideas for repurposing stuff you find. How about a kite make with leftover cardboard, dry cleaning bags, and household paint? There's even a lesson on how to make jewelry from junk mail. Who would've guessed?

So, grab some bags, put on some gloves, and get out there and clean up your world!

What ideas do you have for turning litter prevention into a creative learning experience?