Friday, July 15, 2011

Cool Online Sites to Use with Homeschool Summer Camp Activities!

I was over at Successful Homeschooling the other day and happened across great ideas for what to do with homeschoolers when the sun is out and the temps are up. Here you’ll find many links to all kinds of great ideas that cost little to nothing. Thanks to Carletta for doing such a great job pulling it all together in one place!

Since the object of my blog is to find ways to use technology to enhance learning, I thought I would tell you about a couple of cool applications that you can use to create shareable projects for all your summer adventures!

Reading Anyone?

Any reading activities could benefit from a good dose of Kerpoof.

Kerpoof is a fantastic application that gives kids a way to summarize a book they have read in cartoon form. They can make a cartoon version of the book and even a short movie and save it to share with everyone. From experience, this tool is great because it forces kids to really focus on the most important characters and events in a book.

While I’m on the Kerpoof kick, I was particularly struck by a post by Jimmie on narration problems. A child who is having trouble retelling a story could recreate the story in Kerpoof and then tell you all about it as they show you their cartoon book or movie. They might just surprise you with what they remember when they can make pictures of the story as they see it! Awesome! A quick note…you may have to do a little typing for your child but, hey, that’s quality interaction time, right?

Out & About

And, for those times when you find yourself in the great outdoors, have the kids take lots and lots of pictures! Tell them that you are going to do something really special with their photos when you get home. Then, head over to Beeclip and make a collage with the pictures (you may have to resize the photos you want to use). This could even be a good rainy day activity! There are even cool extras like glasses and speech bubbles you can add to the photos. It is all really easy and fun to use. And you can share and save! Check out my Beeclip featuring me and the doggies (and hubby)!

So, get out there and have a great, adventurous, and creative weekend and make share you share a link to your saved projects on my Facebook page and let me know how things go!


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