Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Tech'ed Out Homeschool: Weigh In & You Could Win!

Give me an idea of how you use technology in your homeschool and you could be selected from all survey responses to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

In what ways do you already use technology in your homeschool? What technology resources would you like to use more of in your homeschool? What else is on your mind about homeschooling and technology?

Entry deadline is 12am (EST) Wednesday, July 27.


  1. We use technology daily. My tween/teens seldom write out anything on paper anymore. Some things still need to be written but overall assignments are done online.

    Thanks for stopping in and visiting me during the Alexa Blog Hop! I'm now following you back. Stop in every Wednesday and link up. SusieQTpies

  2. @SusieQTpies
    Thanks Susie for responding and for following! It is good to hear that your olders are using tech daily! Are they also collaborating with others to work on projects online?